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Working, Relaxing, Playing, Thinking
Engaged in Places and Spaces

Claude Miller was engaged in life.  Always in good shape, he enjoyed many sports and yet left plenty of time for performing in the theater and as a amatuer musician.  A man of the community, he often volunteered for local festivals and could be found embroiled in a good debate with family, friends and even strangers on a wide variety of subjects. 


All of these activities and interactions with people fueled the scenes of his drawings and paintings.  


A juried artist, Claude's drawings and paintings vary from 6" x 6" to 80" x 60" with an average size of approximately 3' x 4'.  He worked in oil and acrylics with style tending to be more realistic with some abstracts.  In Flint, Michigan his works have been shown at the Mott (Applewood} estate, Whiting Auditorium, Main Library, Greater Flint Arts Council, and the Presidential Conference Center at Mott College.


Graduating from A & T University - Greensboro, NC - as an Architectural Engineer,  his artistic talents also included model building, sculpting, illustrating and animation.


His work shows folk - doing what they do on an average day -- working, relaxing, playing and even thinking -- engaged in the places and spaces of life -- in very rich color.

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